"Is your relationship with Christ the most intimate relationship? Because it needs to be."

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Patron saint of my parish! She is the best. Seriously.

This is one of the reasons why I joined the Catholic Church :)


Patron saint of my parish! She is the best. Seriously.

This is one of the reasons why I joined the Catholic Church :)

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"Christianity should feel like “My chains fell off” not “I better not screw up."

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living-in-kansas said: Hey what's going on with you? I've been going through a rough time too.

Ah, some things happened in my love life that really started to affect my mental state, and combined with all of that I just moved halfway around the world from Canada to Australia (I literally just woke up from my post-arrival nap), and the guy in question is the only person I know in the city i now live in! But after a lot of prayer I’ve received a lot of guidance about how to approach the whole situation, and I’m cautiously optimistic while also guarding my heart. In the midst of all of that I had a mini crisis of faith, where I felt like God’s presence was withdrawn from my life for months and months. Looking back on things, I don’t *really* have any problems, and all of my loved ones are safe and happy, so I shouldn’t complain.

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been going through a tough time, too. I will pray for you, especially asking for the intercession of Our Lady, because mama is wonderful.

spiritual desolation is the WORST


It was a habit that started when the two of us would cram into my extra-long twin bed back in college.

We were high school sweethearts. Even my comforter and throw pillows were blue and green: homage to our school colors. We’d stretch our toes and yawn together. And there was something to having him there, at arm’s reach, in the middle of our long-term relationship.

Our lives weren’t just connected by phone lines and hushed middle-of-the-night phone calls echoing along the walls of the hallway outside my dorm. You were there, a warm presence, a mound of a man I loved.

So many of us good Christian girls would do it. For a while our freshman year, it was like a game of nighttime musical chairs. We prayed, we listened to Christian music, we laughed about the days to come.

And then our boyfriends would come to visit us for the weekend in our four-person dorm. We’d forget that it didn’t matter if we were saving the Big Sleep for marriage. We were crossing a serious boundary, we were entering a realm of radical intimacy, whether we were breaking a commandment or not.

This pattern showed up in my relationships after we broke up. It repeated long after freshman year. Long after dormitory life. It echoed into the dynamic of every relationship since, just like the whispering late-night calls with my ex-high-school-honey.

Let me be clear: we know that sex before marriage is wrong. That was an obvious boundary to never cross.

But, every guy I’ve dated since then had a pillow with my name on it. In every relationship, spending the night, no matter how innocent it seemed, has crept back into the tide of my love life. I fell in love with a few men, and fell into the habit of closing my eyes to a face and waking to it again eight hours later.


It wasn’t a big deal. It was just sleeping beside someone.

Until I met you.

We’ve been dating for a year now. And still, it happens the same way every night we hang out.



On our date nights, you look at the clock and watch the minutes drip down to midnight. Then, when the clock strikes twelve, you stand to your feet and offer me your hand.

“Here, let me walk you to your car,” you say. You call this “Cinderella time.” It’s our nickname for the moment when we say goodnight. When you nestle me safely there and wait for my “got home safe, love you” text.


I thought you loved me. I thought you wanted me around all of the time.

Yes, we’re the “good Christian boy and girl,” but haven’t all of the other Christian men I’ve dated wanted the same thing from me eventually? No matter how devout or respected they were in their communities?

We’ve learned this, these legally-single women and I. We’ve learned that we’re desired by becoming the prom queen. The Cinderella at the ball. There is something about our face, our frames that make us desirable. It’s our faces and frames that get us the free drinks and the phone numbers on cocktail napkins, after all.

And then I realized where my sense of worth was coming from. It was coming from an invitation to spend the night. It was coming from the want of being wanted. It was coming from a ritual that was breaking down my standards. Brick by brick.

You didn’t want this from me. And by this small gesture, by this boundary, by this standard, by this reasoning, you do love me.

You desire to see me flourish. You desire to save that for later. You desire to encourage me. And lead me through a healthy relationship.

And even better, you respect me. Which, oddly, looks a whole lot like love. Real love.

Our relationship will not be characterized by sleepovers. This is something sacred that you want to save, because you’ve learned lessons the hard way, too.

And I’m thankful. Thankful to have someone in my life who doesn’t fall for the “it’s not a big deal” trick. It’s a very big deal, you tell me. You let me know by keeping your word. You let me know by leading me well, and protecting my spirit.

I have to wonder if this is the sign. If this is what makes the difference. If this protection of my heart, this willingness to do things differently than our culture would suggest (even our Christian culture) is what leads to a beautiful life.



Because I love you too.”

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"The solution I have to offer you in Christ is far greater than your problem. Not only is there no problem too difficult for him to overcome, but he wants to solve it for you"

— Jay Adams, A Theology of Christian Counseling (via value-brand)

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For those facing broken relationships.  Hope this helps.
Will be in my new prayer book that will be formatted in June.


For those facing broken relationships.  Hope this helps.

Will be in my new prayer book that will be formatted in June.

Prayer Request:

Hello everyone,

Today I broke up with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is Australian, I’m Canadian. I’m moving from Canada to Australia for postgraduate school…..in 6 weeks. I don’t know a single soul there other than him, but of course I’m not going to be seeing much of him, as I’ve decided that given our particular circumstances cutting off contact will be the most self-honouring and healing thing I can do.

If anyone wants to beef up their intercessory prayer life, it would be amazing if you could pray for:

1) His healing (because he has a lot of damage from childhood abuse and heartbreak throughout his late teens and 20s, and based on the way he’s treated me and been acting, he needs a miracle in order to even begin the healing process)

2) My heart (I went to Mass and bawled my eyes out today. Going to repeat that all this week and maybe beyond, with added Eucharistic Adoration afterwards. That’s how I got over my last heartbreak - just sitting in front of Jesus all catatonic-like)

3) That my time and my studies in Australia would be blessed, that I’d find a lovely place to live, make amazing friends, and maybe even after I’ve healed find a beautiful soul to be in a relationship with, who will accept all the love I have to offer and is ready, willing, and able to love me back.

Thank you all so much, and as always, if you have prayer requests, please send them to me!





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